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Sanctuary offers bespoke and customized services.

Our fiduciary services are tailored for businesses seeking expert support in establishing and managing trusts, foundations (charitable and non-charitable), and corporate structures across multiple jurisdictions. We specialize in providing comprehensive administration to maximize your succession planning and wealth management strategies, ensuring seamless and effective solutions for your business needs.


Consulting Services

Business Consulting

We handle the formation, establishment, domiciliation, and administration of foundations, both charitable and non-charitable, while also managing trusts and companies operating in Switzerland and internationally to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Financial Consulting

We offer global accounting services and coordinate tax declarations.

Estate Planning

We strategically determine the preservation, management, and distribution of an individual’s assets, ensuring their desires are respected and their beneficiaries are well-provided for, even in the event of incapacitation or passing.

Funds Consulting

We act as trustees to hold, manage, acquire, and dispose of all funds, property, rights, and buildings. Additionally, we can guarantee or grant loans and handle various related financial activities.

Tax Planning

We go beyond simple tax planning, encompassing the implementation of all functions associated with the roles of trustee, co-trustee, and oversight as a “protector”.
Business Consulting

Creation, establishment, domiciliation and administration of foundations (charitable and non-charitable), Trusts and companies in Switzerland and abroad.

Financial Consulting

Accounting (global services), co-ordinating tax déclarations.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves determining how an individual’s assets will be preserved, managed, and distributed after death or in the event they become incapacitated.

Funds Consulting

As a trustee to hold, manage, acquire and dispose of all funds, property, rights, buildings, guarantee or grant loans, etc.

Tax Planning

Tax planning and implementation of all functions of the trustee, co-trustee, «protector» oversight.

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Sanctuary Fiduciary Services SA was created last year and established offices on Rue du Rhône in the heart of the business and international financial center as a result of a long 15-year collaboration between two business partners who have a deep knowledge for consulting.

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